Achladi Port

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General Information For Achladi Port
Latitude:    38  53 19     N
Longitude:  22 49 03      E

Achadi is a private port facility  belonging to AGROINVES  S.A and is situated at the entrance of Maliakos Kolpos  (Gulf) about 12 miles east of Stylis Port. All facilities and services to to the Vessel are provided through Stylis Main Port. The complex of Agroinvest SA specialize in Grain Storage, Animal Feed, Edible Oil, Soya Meal, Flour and Fish Meal.

Loading/Discahrging  operation is performed by Pneumatic Device.

The Particurars of the port

LOA                         205,0  meter
SeaDraft                   19  meter
Berthing Ability up to 100,000  DWT

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